Wednesday, May 29, 2013


paint, spray paint and marker on wood
12" X 36"
This piece was for the art show MARVELOUS art inspired by the world of Marvel Comics 05/24/2013 @ MONDO BIZARRO: ARTE Y COMICS (Galeria Candela) Calle San Sebastian Viejo San Juan, PR 
Inspiration for the piece was the top left corner comic book art of the silver age books. The #102 was the beginning of The Incredible Hulk vol.2 comic run which lasted from April 1968 till March 1999.


Marcel Mercado said...

Very cool piece man! I really like this.

Rafael Toledo said...

Thanks Man!

Robert Hume said...

"HULK SMASH!!!!!" "NO HULK NOOOOO!!!.....damn it hulk that was the last of the bubble rap. You're so selfish."

Robert Hume said...

Love it man, I want one in my pad!!

Rafael Toledo said...

HA!Thanks Man!