Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Hola!! Been wanting to have a blog for a minute now, so finally got to it and did one. Here I'll be posting sketches and illustrations of my work as often as I can. Feel free to stop by and visit anytime.



Robert Hume said...

WOOOHOOOO!!!!!! WELCOME TO CYBER-SPACE! They say that everytime a cartoonist blog is created, a nerd in heaven gets his wings! I know that doesn't make sense, but it still felt approprate for such a monumentous occation. Can't wait to see some art! :D

CG_Luiyo said...

U are the shit!!! Hey I was finally able to open those Zombie files on Max 9.0 I'm fixing them up and I will send them to you when finish!!! Keep it up broo!!

mojo design said...

"Rafa,give me one mo chance, Rafa Rafa give me one mo chance." That's the song that comes to mind when I see Biggie on your page. Woohoo!! You have a blog! NICE work as always, my friend!

Let's keep it going. Let's keep drawing and posting $hit up. I kinda stopped posting on my blog but I'm going to start up again. I'm going to try and have something up every week. Try and do the same. I'll be back here lots too to check out your kick-ass work!



Rafael Toledo said...

LOL!!Well thanks for the comments I will try my best to keep updating as much as possible.